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Innovation, R&D and Sustainability for UK fashion and textiles

Textile innovation can be found in the cars we drive, the buildings we live and work in, the planes and trains we use, on the sports field, in operating rooms, the battlefield and even in outer space and there are major growth opportunities for UK companies in medical textiles, advanced materials and composites and smart textiles.

Textile innovation in the UK is ranked number 3 in the world and number 1 in Europe in terms of patent generation and a recent survey shows that spending on R&D in the industry stands at 5% of turnover – above the average for all manufacturing industries.

At the same time the demands placed on the sector to transform to a sustainable, environmentally responsible and ethical model has never been stronger. Circularity, sustainability and a transparent use of resources now dominate the agenda of all progressive fashion and textile companies.

UKFT works across a wide range of projects to help the UK industry take full advantage of these new technologies and markets and to help change the future landscape of the textile industry in the UK into one where circularity and environmentally sustainable supply chains are the new normal.

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