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Clevercare Update: Encouraging consumers to play a part in textile care


Over the life span of a textile product, textile care represents up to 40% of its environmental footprint. Consumers can play a significant part in reducing this impact by caring for their clothes in the most efficient way.

Today, more than 80 companies worldwide are Clevercare Ambassadors, encouraging consumers to change the way they take care of their garments in order to better protect the environment. Clevercare Ambassadors include Asos, H&M, Armor Lux, Etam, Lidl, Gant, Scotch & Soda and Zalando.

Convincing their consumers to reduce their textiles’ environment footprint is part of these companies’ strategic plan to become more sustainable. Consumers thereby become active partners of their sustainable strategy.


Clevercare.info provides consumers with the option to care for their textiles in a greener and more sustainable way. Available online, in 23 languages, the website www.clevercare.info offers advices and tips to develop the right cleaning habits on a daily basis, while also respecting the care symbols on textile labels.

In the GINETEX/IPSOS barometer 2021, 55% of Europeans said they would consider visiting the website soon, to find out about the simple and accessible steps to textile eco-care.

Use the Clevercare symbol

UKFT is the UK organisation responsible for the use of the GINETEX symbols and UKFT can provide a care labelling licence that allows the use of these symbols throughout the world. The Clevercare logo is free as part of the GINETEX licence. Find out more here.

Contact us for more information on using the Clevercare logo and to join the Clevercare Ambassadors’ community. Contact info@ukft.org for details.