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Garment and Textile Labelling

Care symbols provide your customer with the succinct information they need to take proper care of their garments, alleviating the need to multi-translate care information for your destination markets. The care symbols are registered trademarks in over 80 countries, including the UK and all major European markets. Owned by GINETEX, the international textile labelling organisation, the ISO 3758 Standard symbols are also trademarked and companies must have a licence to use the care symbols.

UKFT is the UK organisation responsible for the use of the GINETEX symbols and can provide a care labelling licence that allows the use of the symbols throughout the world.

Did you know?

  • More than 8 out of 10 consumers find that the textile care label is useful
  • 71% of consumers follow the care instructions
  • 74% never or rarely buy a garment without a care label

(According to the GINETEX 2021 3rd Ipsos European Barometer 2021)


Get GINETEX Licence and Support

The GINETEX symbols may not be produced or used without a special licence agreement available from UKFT as part of your membership package.

UKFT’s care labelling licence allows you to:

  • Use the Ginetex care and Clevercare symbols on your labels, website and marketing materials
  • Obtain the US ASTM symbols for labelling in the USA and Canada
  • Access support for worldwide labelling regulations (Care Labelling, Fibre Content, Country of Origin, Flammability etc)
  • Request translations for fibre content and standard industry terms for your labels
  • Access to the latest Ginetex Technical Manual, the guide to the correct use and placement of the Ginetex symbols, textile product test methods and standards, label principles and positioning

UKFT can provide a care labelling licence, that allows the use of the symbols throughout the world, either as a standalone package (Retail Partner Programme) or as a bolt-on to full membership (Annual Plus). Find out more about membership here. To discuss joining or upgrading your membership please get in touch.

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Importer & Brand Details

A growing number of markets both in the EU and further afield require garments to be labelled with the name and address of the importer or brand. For specific details, members should contact the team at UKFT.

Labelling and the Environment - Clevercare

Brands, retailers and consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of looking after clothing.

  • 81% of EU consumers want to reduce energy and water use
  • 72% know they can make an impact during the cleaning process
  • 87% consumers try to wash in an environmentally friendly way
  • 65% actively choose to wash at a lower temperature

In response to this GINETEX has developed CLEVERCARE the eco-care logo to encourage & educate the consumer to extend the life of garments and to reduce the impact of cleaning on the climate.

The five key messages are:

  • Don’t wash too often
  • Lower the temperature
  • Reduce the amount you tumble dry
  • Only iron when necessary
  • Only go to a dry cleaner when necessary

The clevercare symbol is a registered trade mark in the UK and in many other countries. More information on clevercare including collateral for retailers is available at www.clevercare.info

UKFT Labelling Members

UKFT has a number of members which can provide labelling services to fashion and textile brands and retailers.

Asquith Group

With over 30 years’ experience, Asquith Group has turned custom fabric label design into an art form. They supply a diverse range of textile branding products including swing tickets, bed and mattress labels, stock seals, woven fabric labels and lanyards, self-adhesive labels, printed garment labels, care and composition labels, haberdashery and trimmings.

Asquith understand the challenges you face when sourcing sustainable labels and swing tags for your eco product line, which is why they have developed a range of eco and natural fibre labelling products that give you greater choice.

Contact: sales@asquith-group.com

+44 (0)1752 342 809


Bellwoven Packaging specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of garment accessories and has been established for more than 40 years. The company’s product range includes garment labelling, tickets, tissues, ribbons and bespoke packaging, all of which can be produced in a sustainable way. Bellwoven can offer low minimum order quantities and a full branding package, using its in-house designers for full consistency throughout. Read more here.

Contact: info@bellwoven.co.uk

07940 519205


Byways has been providing solutions to the apparel industry for over 50 years. Labels and packaging are vital to clothing retailers and brands – the entire supply chain is reliant on the label supplier getting it right every time.

Byways has production facilities covering five strategic locations across Europe and Asia, allowing the company to provide first class service to clients, together with their manufacturing network. The firm also offers in-house design services to maintain close contact from brand conception to the finished solution.

The company’s online ordering platform is tailored to clients’ specific requirements allowing real-time traceability of orders.

Contact: info.uk@byways.com

01582 524444

National Weaving

National Weaving, a family-operated British manufacturer specialising in premium woven and printed labels, boasts over three decades of expertise.

Their company’s ethos revolves around authenticity, sustainability and social responsibility within the industry, with all products meticulously crafted in their Welsh factory since 1987. Setting themselves apart as a bonafide UK manufacturer, they are dedicated to genuine British craftsmanship.

If British quality, local production, and sustainability align with your business values, we are honoured to be your label provider of choice.

Contact: Sales@nationalweaving.co.uk

01834 861 446



Nilorn develops and refine brands, primarily in the fashion industry, with identity and value at the core of what it does. With a strong focus on design and sustainability, Nilorn assist clients around the world in creating unique and attractive brand experiences for their customers – where both tactile expression and visual aesthetic combine to maximise impact.

The company offers products and solutions to both identify and enhance the feel of a brand.  Its product range includes trims, packaging and information labels. Nilorn also offers RFID labels in the form of hangtags, adhesive labels and textile labels.

Contact: info@uk.nilorn.com

01535 673 500


Pennine Labels Ltd

Established in 1979, Pennine Labels Ltd has become a go-to destination for businesses seeking tailored solutions for woven and printed fabric labels and swing tickets in the fashion industry. It also offers branded packaging products, including customised boxes and packing bespoke tissue paper.

The company delivers high quality products and services, ensuring that every customer receives the upmost in professionalism and help.

Its range includes customised labels, decorative branding such as leather, metal badges, silicone badges and personalised packaging. Pennine Labels Ltd also offers a wide array of paper products such as leaflets, booklets, swing tickets, adhesive labels and business cards.

Pennine Labels can work with low MOQs right through to full global production, and provides a variety of sustainable solutions (recycled, FSC, biodegradable and compostable options).

Contact: sales@penninelabels.co.uk



TRS Worldwide

Total Retail Solutions (TRS) Worlwide has provided packaging and trims to the garment industry for over 30 years. The company manufactures and supplies bespoke support materials to a wide range of retail and fashion businesses, including care labels, woven labels, swing tickets, barcodes, RFID solutions and bespoke packaging.

Contact: sales@trsworldwide.com

01525 375560


For over 42 years, Weavabel has been providing innovative branding solutions to fashion brands across the globe. With a focus on sustainable clothing accessories and packaging, such as swing tags, woven labels, gift boxes and mailing bags, the company works as your trusted advisor to make your branding more eco-friendly.

Weavabel currently helps over 400 clothing brands to become more sustainable by switching base materials to either a recycled, biodegradable or organic alternative. The company’s accredited supply network offers transparent sourcing and combined with their multiple-location stockholding facilities can help to improve consistency across a brand’s product portfolio.

Contact: sales@weavabel.com

Telephone: +44 (0)113 239 1122