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UKFT member Wittypoint presents SS24 childrenswear collection at Pitti Bimbo


Childrenswear brand and UKFT member Wittypoint will present its SS24 collection in Florence at Pitti Bimbo (The Nest N/5) from 21st to 23rd June 2023. Scroll down to find out more about their new collection.


Wittypoint is a childrenswear brand that offers high-quality clothing for children aged 4 to 12. Focusing both on style and comfort, its products are designed as a mean for children to express their personality. Sami Barakas, from Wittypoint, said:

“For us, fashion transcends clothing; it’s a bold declaration of personality. Our designs, known for their quality, style and comfort, are more than just clothing – they are canvases that enable children aged 4 to 12 to ‘stand out anywhere, anytime’.”



The brand will reveal its Spring Summer 24 collection at the childrenswear tradeshow Pitti Bimbo in Florence (21st-23rd June). Each of its items encourages self-expression, through vibrant colours and versatile designs. Sami said:

“This year at Pitti Bimbo, we aim to unveil our Spring Summer 24 Collection – an assortment of pieces that embody our core values while injecting a sense of freshness and excitement that resonates with the upcoming season. Our inspiration stems from the evolving world around us, the boundless spirit of childhood, and the diverse tapestry of personalities each child carries. Expect vibrant colours, versatile pieces and a harmonious blend of trendiness and timelessness that your young ones can confidently flaunt.”



Pitti Bimbo offers to Wittypoint an opportunity to connect and learn from the wider fashion industry. Sami explained:

“The Nest, known for its careful scouting led by Dimitra Zavakou, at Pitti Bimbo symbolizes innovation, dynamism, and novelty – values that resonate deeply with Wittypoint. It aims to introduce promising brands like ours, offering us a unique opportunity to connect, grow, and learn within an environment that cherishes creativity and originality.

Our presence at Pitti Bimbo isn’t just about showcasing our collection; it’s about sharing our vision with the global fashion community. As a young brand, we’re eager to make new connections, extend our reach, and learn from others’ experiences. We strive to foster a global community that appreciates diversity, encourages self-expression and acknowledges the importance of conscious, sustainable choices.”



Find Wittypoint at Pitti Bimbo in The Nest N/5 from 21st to 23rd of June 2023. For more information, visit Wittypoint’s:




Wittypoint joined UKFT to gain insight and foster strategic relationships within the global fashion industry. Sami said:

“We joined UKFT to align ourselves with key players in the UK and global fashion and textile industries. The warm welcome we received from the UKFT has been coupled with invaluable insights into the ever-evolving fashion ecosystem, both domestically and internationally. Our aim was to deepen our understanding of the textile industry in all its facets, and UKFT has consistently delivered on this promise.

Through its seminars and collaborative opportunities, we’ve not only gained extended knowledge but also had the chance to foster important relationships within the industry. Joining UKFT was a strategic decision for our growth, allowing Wittypoint to elevate its position within the fashion community while staying abreast of key trends and developments.”


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