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UKFT and Greenway Logistics to provide members with global logistics solutions


UKFT has signed a formal co-operation agreement on supply chain development and logistics with Greenway Logistics, based in the Netherlands.

UKFT has been working with Greenway since the start of the year to help members adjust their EU and global logistics and supply chains after the UK left the European Union. With a rapidly changing logistics environment and with many members still experiencing significant challenges, UKFT has now formalised the arrangement with Greenway.

Greenway Logistics was founded in 2008 and has offices in several EU countries, as well as in China. The firm already supports 15 other fashion and textile trade associations around the world, helping member companies develop their logistics in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The main drivers of its success come from partnerships, collaboration and consolidation between members, as well as partnering with a limited group of reliable logistics providers. Now UKFT members can now access these networks and partnerships which will deliver significant savings in both cost and time.

The services and benefits this new partnership will bring to UKFT members include:

  1. Continuation and further development of Brexit related advice and solutions.
  2. Consolidation of sea freight, with ‘buying at source’ and ‘buffering at source’ as new elements.
  3. CO₂ monitoring of logistics, with formal certification and focus on improving performance.
  4. Gateway-O initiative, aimed at helping SME and larger brands with a low barrier, low cost, entry to the Chinese market through multibrand WeChat stores and others.

Greenway plans to open a UK office to effectively serve UK fashion and textile brands. Many other concepts and products that are currently available in other Greenway countries will soon be made available in the UK. The advice and mediation offered by Greenway will be free of charge for UKFT members.

Adam Mansell, CEO of UKFT, said: “This agreement will bring significant added value to members and UKFT will be closely involved in developing and shaping new services and offers with Greenway. Greenway has already proved to be a great partner for UKFT, one that works with members to deliver real solutions.”

UKFT and Greenway are looking forward to working with members to find new solutions in a constantly changing global market and we’ll be in touch with members soon to provide further details on the various products and concepts available.

For more information, please contact info@ukft.org