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Become a CleverCare Ambassador


CleverCare Ambassador

How to reduce climate impact, effort and money caring for fashion the clever way. Over the life span of a textile product, textile care represents up to 40% of its environmental footprint. Consumers can play a significant part in reducing this impact by caring for their clothes in the most efficient way.

Convincing consumers to reduce their textiles’ environment footprint can be part of your brand approach. By using the CleverCare logo on your labels and communicating the CleverCare message on your website, you can engage with consumers to become active partners in your sustainable strategy and become a Ginetex CleverCare Ambassador.

CleverCare is only available to UKFT members who hold the Ginetex license.

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Textile & Fashion Care Awards 2023

The Textile Care Awards are set-up and run by COFREET, the French association for labelling and textile care who recognises and rewards UK and European businesses that bring together care and innovation in textiles. On the occasion of this first hosting of the TFCA, COFREET will invite French and European professionals to invent textile care of tomorrow by putting forward responsible innovations.

Applications are open to all SME’s and large businesses with a registered office in the UK.

Deadline: 20 March 2023 (12pm CET)

Winners must be prepared to attend the award presentations on 5 June in Paris. For more information, see the TFCA website below.

Apply here