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Don’t take our word for it! Read what our subscribers say about being part of UKFT Rise ?

“From their warm-welcoming nature, to their insightful help and information, UKFT Rise has been monumental towards my journey. Always making you feel part of a close knit community and quick responses to any queries you may have. I am glad to be part of such community and recommend any start-up fashion & textile brands to jump on board also!”



“Asmuss joined UKFT Rise because we wanted to be part of a collaborative organisation that focuses on supporting young fashion businesses. Working together and getting access to relevant information is critical, especially at the moment.”

Fiona & Clare – ASMUSS


“When I joined UKFT Rise in 2019 I hadn’t yet launched Scaral. As a newcomer to the industry I had no contacts and was feeling like an outsider and if I’m honest, a bit of a fraud. The team at Rise welcomed me warmly and without judgement, and their encouragement was integral to making me feel that the idea for Scaral might just be a viable one. Meeting other business owners at the Rise events introduced me to a network of entrepreneurs who I found were struggling with all the same issues as I was and I learnt as much from them as from the industry experts. It’s been those small and personal lessons that have been so valuable and which I would not have learned without the help of the UKFT Rise community.”

Tony – Scaral


“I attended my first fun, social networking event with UKFT Rise in Shoreditch and was blown away with how helpful everyone was! The passion of collaborating on ideas and sharing key information and contacts within the industry gave me that push to make my business a reality. The team at UKFT Rise have helped me make those important industry connections, and given me important lessons which have proven to be so valuable and which I would not have learned without the help of the UKFT Rise community. It has given me a clear direction to make my dream a reality and it is continuously giving me and my business a great competitive edge in the industry. I’m truly lucky to have crossed paths with the entire UKFT Rise community.”

Tobin – Dealer Clothing


“The UKFT Rise community is this incredible safe space for me to go to for help, advice and support throughout my journey of building my brand. When there is so much going on at any one time it’s so comforting to know there is a whole body dedicated to helping you succeed. The events they put on are not only inspiring but also educational & you can see the passion within the team coming through. Anyone who feels overwhelmed with starting a new business, this is the community you want to be with to help you navigate through the tough times and celebrate the good times.”

Cara – Cara And The Sky


“I have been able to meet similar small independent brand founders, as well as listen and learn from people who are a bit further down their brand’s journey. Working on my own can be quite lonely and isolating, so it’s good to have a connection with others in the industry.”

John – Centre Front


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