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Member Spotlight: Tblaque’s fusion of AI, sustainability and cultural heritage in fashion


UKFT member Tblaque, a fashion design company, based in Aberdeen, recently participated in The Creative Gap project, which that blended cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices and the rich heritage of traditional textiles.

Tblaque AI in Fashion

Organised by Black and Scot, a non-profit organisation committed to elevating black excellence, The Creative Gap project brought together a diverse array of talents, including AI experts, sustainability practitioners and fashion designers.

Tblaque AI in Fashion

Supported by seed funding from Aberdeen City Council, the initiative aimed to explore the potential of emerging fashion technologies such as Microsoft Copilot AI while celebrating the symbolism and craftsmanship woven into traditional textiles like the iconic Aso-Oke fabric from West-Africa.

Temitayo Alabi, Director of Tblaque Limited, said: “This project has been an incredible journey of discovery and innovation. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge AI technology with the rich cultural heritage of traditional textiles, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion design.”

Through an immersive workshop at Robert Gordon University’s Gray’s School of Arts, Tblaque delved into the fascinating world of traditional textiles, recognising the importance of preserving and uplifting the communities that safeguard these artistic traditions.

Tblaque AI in Fashion Robert gorden university

Tblaque’s commitment to sustainability was evident in the use of upcycled and locally sourced fabrics from Nigeria, adding an extra layer of cultural authenticity and environmental consciousness to their creations. The result was a collection of garments that celebrated the rich tapestry of cultural heritage while embracing the cutting-edge of fashion technology and sustainable practices.

The project culminated in a showcase event at the Aberdeen Central Library on 27 March 2024.

Aberdeen Central Library Event - Tblaque

“This event was a celebration of the future of fashion,” said Alabi, “a future that intertwines cutting-edge technology, sustainability and cultural heritage.”

Aberdeen Central Library Event - Tblaque (2)

She explained that Tblaque’s participation in this project not only highlights a commitment to innovation and sustainability but also a dedication to preserving and uplifting the cultural traditions that have shaped the fashion industry.

Tblaque AI in Fashion

“By embracing emerging technologies and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, Tblaque has demonstrated that fashion can be a powerful catalyst for positive change, transcending boundaries and inspiring a more equitable and eco-conscious future,” she added.

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