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STELAR: Bags with purpose at Splash Paris in June 2022


STELAR is a UK accessories brand offering “bags with purpose”, which is on show at Splash Paris from June 25-27.

STELAR is a positive impact accessories brand that reflects a new generation of social entrepreneurs, driven by a mission to re-define the concept of luxury, while balancing both people and purpose.

STELAR at Splash Paris June 2022

Working in collaboration with artisan communities in Bali to re-imagine ancient weaving techniques, the brand creates exceptional quality, hand-woven bags and accessories using locally sourced natural, raw materials, designed, and made to last.

STELAR at Splash Paris June 2022

Every hand-woven bag is accompanied by a unique digital code, connecting the owner to the origins of their bag and the artisan who created it. Bringing value to the people and skills behind the product, as well as the products themselves.

STELAR at Splash Paris June 2022

The latest collection is inspired by the blue and white nautical stripe, incorporated in must-have shapes for the new season. Synonymous with carefree summer days by the ocean, signature takes on the marine stripe reflects the world of founder Lorna Watson, a keen sailor and diver, whose background in design and high-level craftsmanship is highly apparent in new modern bag silhouettes that are seamlessly combined with heritage basket weaving techniques.

Details on sustainable developments and innovation

STELAR takes is social and environmental responsibilities seriously and strives to be as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible. By utilising locally produced materials and honouring existing traditions and techniques, the brand has created a regenerative and sustainable model.

Its goal is to source, or grow, materials within or close to its communities to support local industry and minimise human and environmental impact. If materials are not available nearby, the brand works with local producers and businesses to source and build new opportunities.

STELAR places the focus of the brand on the people and skills behind what is made, re-establishing a sense of value and pride within their communities and making a significant contribution to the provision of long-term sustainable livelihoods for both existing and next generation artisans. By up-skilling and elevating the expertise of artisan communities, introducing modern design sensibilities, and working with higher quality materials, STELAR believes it can create high quality, hand-crafted handbags and directly contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals #1(Poverty Reduction), #5 (Gender Quality), #8 (Decent work and economic growth) and #12 (Responsible consumption and production)

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