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UKFT Rise Ambassador - Sophie Larsen & Chris Jarrett


Sophie and Chris launched Lårs labels, an ethical, style and design led online E-commerce retail platform in July 2020 and through sheer resilience and determination managed to do so during a worldwide pandemic.

With Sophie, a previous retail buyer and Chris, an award-winning creative director in design and visual arts they combined both of their skills and passions to infiltrate their shop with beautiful designs, aesthetics and creativity.

Inspired by sustainable ways of living, authenticity and transparency and how to incorporate this into their personal and professional lives, both founders wanted to challenge the incredible amount of greenwashing and lack of transparency across the industry.

Lårs Labels is a retail destination and experience for learning, education and creative inspiration. Sophie and Chris want to tell the stories of the brands, what’s news, and how everyone can make small changes to their lives. As they say, and rightly so, it’s not about one person doing everything right, it’s about a lot of people making smaller changes.

Sophie and Chris advocate the approach of purchase consideration, understanding the materials and ingredients that the items are made from, who made it and the process it has gone through from design to delivery.

Watch Sophie & Chris’ short video to get to know them a little better…