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UKFT Rise – Get To Know Revival LDN


Meet Rosette Ale (26), founder of Revival LDN, the fashion reconstruction brand centred on sustainability and specialising in the repurposing of textile waste.

Revival LDN

The concept behind Revival was formed in 2016 when founder, Rosette Ale, was completing her final year at university studying modules around sustainability, waste and technology. Her interest in these specific areas grew, along with growing knowledge of how harmful the fashion industry is and its negative impact on the environment. Rosette is a fashion enthusiast and style blogger which, combined with her environmental interests, led to the birth of Revival.

Revival LDN Revival LDN

The brand officially launched in 2020 following a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its target of £10,000 in just one month.

Revival’s aim is to propose a new way of thinking about clothes, opening our eyes to the potential of unworn or unwanted garments.

Read Rosette’s feature with UKFT Rise below:


Revival LDN