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UKFT Rise – Get To Know iinouiio


Meet Dr John G Parkinson (60) and Linda Parkinson (56), founders of iinouiio – the Yorkshire-based textiles company recycling post-consumer wool into new products.

iinouiio iinouiio

Launched in 2019, iinouiio (It Is Never Over Until It Is Over), is a project of passion for the founders and a demonstration of what is possible with wool recycling in the UK. The latest collection is their first batch of reclaimed wool, made with loving care by iinouiio’s founders.


Dr John G Parkinson says: “In 1989, I co-founded Evergreen, emerging from our small family business, recycling wool. Evergreen’s aim was to make textiles with the most responsible materials and methods. We supplied some forward-thinking high street retailers, small-scale designers, artisans and charities, but a fire forced its closure in 1995.

“Despite a break of 25 years, to re-build lives and careers following this devastating fire, our work is still not over and has been re-started through iinouiio.

“We aim to maintain our legacy and the heritage of skills and knowledge through iinouiio. The products we offer are made using traditional Yorkshire wool recycling techniques to provide truly authentic and unique materials. We are so proud – even giddy – for sharing this passion with all our website and social media visitors.”


Read John and Linda’s feature with UKFT Rise below: