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Paris Fashion Week, June 2023: In Pictures


In June 2023, UKFT attended Paris Fashion Week to support British brands who were showcasing the latest in their collection to men’s and womenswear buyers from around the world.

This season, 100 British brands exhibited at main Parisian tradeshows including Tranoï and SplashParis, as well as at multi-brand showrooms such as Welcome Edition, Awaykin, Paper Mache Tiger, Claret and more.

Amongst those featured below are: Splash Paris Tradeshow, LE MONDE BERYL, Leem, Tails Chains, Red Run Activewear Official, Ugo Paulon, Claret Showroom Wholesale, Paper Mache Tiger, Madeleine Thompson, Rainbowwave, Etre Cecile JULIET DUNN, LAURA PITHARAS and Emma Jones Consultancy.

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Find UK brands at events, showrooms and catwalk shows in and around Paris Fashion Week, using the Brits in Paris map.


The UK Fashion and Textile Association and the Department for Business and Trade were delighted to support the creative group of UK brands exhibiting at Paris Fashion Week this season.

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