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What UKFT members say

Seasalt Cornwall

“Membership to UKFT has been hugely beneficial for us as a business, especially over the last 12 months of very challenging unprecedented trading conditions both within the UK and overseas within our supply chains. UKFT has provided us with a wider community of businesses facing the same challenges as us, allowing us to work in partnership across the fashion and textile community. Our membership has also allowed us to be involved in government consultations, have a voice and view of up and coming legislation. The UKFT have also supported us with in one to one consultations providing expert guidance and best advice to create and deliver the very best products that we can.” Lucy Panniers, Director of Technical & Product Compliance/Ethics at Seasalt

HAAR Scotland

“I have really seen the value of UKFT membership so far, and at an early stage. The information, knowledge and the friendly and engaging manner in which it is presented is brilliant to see. It should also be said that I have joined other organisations in the past which offered little in comparison!

“After speaking with Paul Alger MBE, (International Business Director at UKFT), I feel a renewed sense of excitement to move things forward and to start actioning the huge list of things that I have to do. The calls are invaluable to someone like myself, who may have a broader, more vague scope of the industry, but really requires the detail, insight and expertise that your highly qualified colleagues can and do offer. 

“It was really great to talk with Elliot Barlow (Manufacturing Consultant at UKFT). He is incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and it was a pleasure having a detailed discussion with him about our business and getting another perspective on it.

“I appreciate the honesty and willingness to provide information so freely in order to give me the tools to make important decisions. I’m relishing the support that UKFT is giving to my humble label and look forward to building on the relationships I’ve formed and continuing to make new ones.” Darren Seymour, Director at HAAR Scotland

John Smedley

“UKFT are my ‘go-to’ for considered, dynamic and insightful knowledge on the full 360 of all things Fashion and Textiles. Their network knows no bounds, with a wealth of highly informative seminars, meeting and networking opportunities, not only in the UK, but also overseas at the vast number of fashion shows and exhibitions. UKFT represent our industry with great aplomb.” Bill Leach, John Smedley

Alex Monroe

“Exporting our jewellery overseas has always been an intrinsic part of our business at Alex Monroe and UKFT has helped us achieve this for a long number of years. UKFT offer invaluable support that we have never found elsewhere. This could be in the form of advice, opportunities or sometimes just a much-needed friendly face at an overseas tradeshow.” Emma Burgin, Alex Monroe


“UKFT has offered support and guidance for specialisms outside our company; seminars led by industry professionals provide structured advice while allowing the opportunity to connect with peers from different sectors about their experience within similar markets. Their reputation as offering practical business advice precedes them, supplying up to date news and information on the economic climate and its impacts on trade – invaluable to helping expand our international sales.” Nina Sivyer, Bamford

MG Rivers

“The UKFT webinars are amazing and really engaging, with an enthusiastic panel that are trying to help. The ‘building a lifestyle brand’ session is the most relevant seminar I’ve been to – there are so many different messages flying at you and UKFT really makes it pertinent, to the point, useable and you feel part of a community rather than a voyeur. I’ve felt this on other webinars too.” Juliette Sherwood, founder of MG Rivers

Samuel Brothers

“We strongly believe in supporting UKFT to ensure that the fashion and textile industry not only prospers but gets the publicity and voice that it deserves. I wholly commend the UKFT team and the organisation gives companies opportunities to come together. I am especially proud of the work that UKFT has undertaken with Apprenticeships, which I am confident will assist those of us in manufacturing to address skill shortages and give hundreds of people an opportunity to work in this exciting industry. Well done UKFT, your efforts do not go unnoticed!” Lee Dawson, Samuel Brothers

Simon Carter

“Having been a member of UKFT for over a decade now, it is my ‘go-to’ for all aspects of my export business. The team at UKFT are an encyclopedia of knowledge. If you are a first time exporter needing trade show advice or want more specific information on a foreign market, then this is the place to go. In addition, I love the range of seminars and events that bring so many members of our industry together at one time.” Simon Carter, Simon Carter

Blade and Rose

“Blade & Rose have always relied on UKFT as a resource for current affairs and admired their exemplary reputation in the industry. With the changes that Brexit has brought to all industries, the brand felt it was the perfect time to join, so they can seek guidance and share best practices with specialists in the field. The information and guidance they have received since joining has already been second to none and they highly recommend anyone considering joining.” Amanda Peffer, founder of Blade & Rose

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