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UKFT Brexit Guidance for the UK fashion and textile industry

UKFT has been working very closely with the UK government during all the negotiations with the EU. We know and understand how the UK-EU TCA will impact on UK fashion and textile businesses and we can help and advise companies on how to develop new strategies to ensure they can continue to trade successfully with the EU and the rest of the world.

UKFT Brexit Resources

Downloadable documents for members (published or updated in 2021) include:

  • UKFT Brexit Guidance Toolkit
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to Inward and Outward Processing Relief (IPR and OPR)
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to the Implications of Free Circulation
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to Returned Goods Relief
  • UKFT Guide to the new EU Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)
  • UKFT Guide to ATA Carnets
  • UKFT Guide to Rules of Origin for Trading with the EU
  • UKFT Guide to claiming origin under the UK-EU TCA agreement
  • UKFT Guide to Garment Labelling in the EU post Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to Immigration and Movement of People post-Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to Design Protection post-Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to the UK’s GSP
  • UKFT Guide to EU Responsible Company (EURC) Requirements
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Japan Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Canada CETA Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Turkey Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-South Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Tunisia Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Morocco Trade Agreement
  • Things to consider: Working with agents and distributors post-Brexit

UKFT Brexit Resources

Tailored advice and support for UKFT members

UKFT can help members to chart the best course for their business. We are here to help our members make sense of the new rules and offer strategies for how individual businesses can best adapt to the new arrangements.

Our team of industry experts can help UKFT members through the rules and regulations, as well as assist by checking customs declarations. Our trusted associate members can also offer advice on logistics, VAT, tax and legal issues that will inevitably be encountered along the way.

Unfortunately we are unable to answer non-member queries at this time.

If you are a UKFT member with questions or want to find out more about UKFT membership, please do get in touch at info@ukft.org.