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Why Japanese buyers love Scottish fashion and textiles


Hirofumi Kurino of United Arrows

Hirofumi Kurino of United Arrows

As humans we all need more than food and a safe place, we also need things to enrich our mind like music and art. So we need beautiful clothes too.

Now that our world is suffering due to coronavirus, difficult politics and a weak economy, mankind needs products to make us proud of ourselves and to help rebuild our human dignity.

Products which are made and born in Scotland make our day brighter and give us the courage to live through to tomorrow.


Yoshi Watanabe of Watanabe & Co

Yoshie Watanabe of Watanabe & Co

The spring sunshine is lengthening each day, but it’s still cold in the morning and evening, so what should I wear tomorrow? Maybe a light cotton coat over a thin cashmere cardigan?

Or maybe it’s the last time I can wear my tweed jacket this winter, so why not co-ordinate with a tartan muffler?

Now I come to think of it, most of the things I have chosen were made in Scotland.

First of all, the natural materials are comfortable against the body.

The colours can be co-ordinated calmly or be a little more assertive. Moreover, I am happy that the whole look comes together stylishly!

After all Scottish things are versatile and can be reused and re-looked. I also notice that I have many other Scottish things in the house.

Smoked salmon for breakfast sandwiches, shortbread for tea, and the scent of scotch whisky before going to bed.

Scottish things are very comfortable to be around.

Good products really last a long time and you never get tired of them.

I wonder why, we Japanese also sympathise with the Scottish people’s love for nature, their feelings for friends and family who help each other in the harsh nature, and the values ​​of carefully making things and using them carefully for a long time. We feel a sense of intimacy and understanding.

I am looking forward to new encounters with Scotland in the future.


Yuji Ichinosey of Ships

Yuji Ichinosey of Ships

From the view point of Japan, in our images of Scotland we can imagine great fields, sea and golf courses, clothes which were worn by fishermen and farmhouse owners.

They are heavy and hard, and we can feel the history in them.

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