Circular Textiles Ecosystem

  • Recycling Supply Chain Trials
  • Business Case for Circular Textile Ecosystem

Through ACT UK, we are not only looking at the development of the ATSP blueprint for the UK, but also providing a proof of concept for a circular textiles ecosystem.

Recycling Supply Chain Trials 

As the proof of concept, the project will be piloting trials where textile materials taken through the ATSP steps will be prepared as feedstock for textile recycling systems and recycled into new fibre and yarn.

These trials are key to ensure the system can supply the right feedstock specification to different stakeholders, like mechanical recyclers, chemical recyclers, as well as other emerging recycling technologies.

Recycling Trials_Website

Business Case for Circular Textile Ecosystem

The project is analysing current and future scenarios of non-rewearable textiles flow in the UK, including its socio-economic and environmental impact. This is to build the positioning of the UK’s future textiles recycling landscape and next phase UK manufacturing.