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Post-Consumer Textiles (PCT) Collections and Logistics

  • PCT Collection Trials
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PCT Collection Trials

Every year, the UK generates over 1 million tonnes of post-consumer textiles (PCT). About a third of these are non-wearables textiles that ends up in landfills or incineration. To give these textiles a second chance and empower consumers to bring them into the loop again, the project has set up different collection trials.

Retail carpark collection trial

Tesco SatCol

Tesco and Salvation Army Trading Company Limited (SATCoL) are placing two separate banks at 18 Tesco carparks and 2 household waste recycling centres in the Southeast of England. Consumers can visit these locations and conveniently donate rewearable and non-rewearable textiles separately. The trial is currently in place and will run until September 2024.

Tesco and SATCOL trial

Retail postal collection trial

M&S Oxfam

In partnership with Oxfam, M&S is giving its customers an opportunity to donate preloved clothing via post for the first time. Customers can request a postal donation bag through the Oxfam website. After sorting rewearable and non-rewearable textiles into separate bags, they can post these back via a prepaid courier service.

Collection Trial M&S

The M&S postal donation bag can be requested through the Oxfam website

These two trials are part of a series of trials aimed at providing valuable insights to optimise post-consumer textile collections and reshape the management of non-rewearable textiles toward a more sustainable textile economy. Additionally, the project is exploring trials beyond the consortium to involve external organisations in similar post-consumer textile collection initiatives.

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Industry Roundtables

As part of the project, Reskinned is hosting a roundtable on 20 June 2024, to explore innovative ways to capture the increasing amount of unwanted clothes and textiles in the UK and direct them towards a more circular fashion system.

  • Intended Audience: Retailers, textile sorters and collectors, waste management organisations, and council members.
  • Register: Email hannah.carter@reskinned.clothing. All registrations will be reviewed, and accepted applicants will be notified by the team.