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Fashion-Enter Ltd: Ethical UK garment manufacturing from samples to mass production


UKFT member Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is an award-winning UK-based social enterprise that offers a wide range of ethical garment manufacturing services, with a commitment to sustainability, innovation, education and social impact.

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FEL has a minimum order quantity of one for its Fashion Studio service and currently produces up to 10,000 garments a week for speed of response fashion from its factory in Haringey, North London.

Garment manufacturing: from start to finish

FEL offers a comprehensive production cycle starting from idea and design through to sample and fitting, grading and sealing, fabric printing, production, fulfilment and review.

Fashion Enter UKFT member spotlight

The company caters to various order sizes to meet diverse client needs:

  • The Factory: Minimum order of 500 units, capable of producing up to 10,000 garments a week. Clients include Simply B, Very.com and JD Williams.
  • The Atelier: Order sizes range from 200 to 499 units, specialising in premium garments such as silk blouses and tailored items.
  • The Fashion Studio: Accepts orders from 1 to 199 units, perfect for luxury items and start-up brands. Current clients include Gormley and Gamble, and Louisa Parris.

Repurposing existing stock

FEL collaborates with brands to transform unsold or damaged garments into new, commercially viable products. This service reduces landfill waste and creates new revenue streams for brands. Clients utilising this service include N Brown.

Fashion Enter UKFT member spotlight

Repair services

In partnership with the United Repair Centre, FEL offers repair services to address issues like broken zips and tears. This service ensures customer satisfaction and extends product longevity. Brands such as Patagonia, Lululemon, Rapha, and Burberry benefit from FEL’s expertise in garment repair.

Recycling fabrics for training

FEL’s Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) provides usable fabric pieces and trims to learners, helping them hone their skills and reach exacting commercial standards. This initiative not only minimises waste but also supports the development of future talent in the fashion industry.

Fashion Enter UKFT member spotlight

Embracing innovation with 3D technology

FEL has partnered with Style3D to launch the Styleverse Innovation Centre, offering immersive 3D design training and showcasing how virtual environments can enhance design, sales, and marketing strategies. This cutting-edge technology ensures more accurate sampling and efficient production processes.

Fashion Enter UKFT member spotlight

Social impact and education

FEL’s mission extends beyond manufacturing, with a strong commitment to education and social impact through various programmes and partnerships:

  • Fashion Technology Academy: Provides qualifications from level 1 to 5 and apprenticeships, supported by employers like Tesco and ASOS.
  • N17 Creative Callings: A £.5m initiative to support creative skills development.
  • Tailoring Academy: A £1m project to support new skills in tailoring.

Factory tours: See the work in action

FEL invites visitors from education and industry to experience a compliant, UK garment factory in action. Their seminars and tours offer invaluable insights into fashion, innovation and sustainability.

Jenny Holloway, founder of Fashion-Enter Ltd, says: “FEL is more than a garment manufacturer; it is a centre of excellence for ethical practices, education and innovation in the fashion industry. With a commitment to quality, sustainability and social impact, we continue to set the standard for ethical garment manufacturing in the UK and beyond. Whether you are a small brand or a major retailer, we invite you to come and find out how we can work with you!”


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