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denzilpatrick: Slow menswear at Tranoï Homme June 2022


denzilpatrick is a UK-based menswear label showing at Tranoï Homme in June 2022, which is exploring the joy of dressing through a curiosity for colour, texture and pattern, blended with a playful take on traditional sartorial dress codes.

Working with both familiar and innovative artisanal processes, each collection is animated by the rich aesthetic sensibility of its founder Daniel Gayle, developed while growing up in South East London as the grandson of Irish and Jamaican immigrants, and working for over fifteen years at fashion companies at every scale.

denzilpatrick at Tranoi Homme

During his career, Daniel became steadily aware of the fact that as companies grow, the relationships with sourcing and manufacturing feel increasing disconnected.

denzilpatrick at Tranoi Homme

The idea with denzilpatrick is to move a little slower, be thoughtful and to create a meaningful connection between the communities who are producing the clothes and those who are wearing them; to create a company that values sustaining itself and creating a safe, fair and exciting working environment, using materials in innovative and low impact ways.


Denzilpatrick’s design ethos is based on actively seeking out systems to bring existing and dormant materials to life – once-lived but discarded knitwear, worn denim, last season’s fabric or imperfect factory rejects that simply need some care and attention. The brand is looking forward to partnering with innovative makers to create materials from recycled plastics that can then go onto be recycled again, and sourcing certified organic cottons that support the growers with fair pay and ethical working conditions.

It takes many hands, in many different locations, with many different stories to bring to life these pieces. But regardless of the product, its history and its provenance, denzilpatrick is committed to making clothes that will be cherished, coveted, and shared for generations to come. Discover the brand’s credentials here.

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