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David Nieper at Skills England with UKFT


David Nieper is a British fashion business specialising in luxury classic clothing for women over 50, encompassing luxury ladies’ nightwear, travelwear and knitwear exclusively Made in England since 1961.

In that time, David Nieper has seen its nightwear modelled by Joanna Lumley; watched HRH Princess Anne open one of our factories; hosted the Prime Minister and added stylish womenswear and knitwear to its growing collections. The company says it has never lost sight of being a family-run company with a passion for beautifully made clothes, and a dedication to the people who make them.

David Nieper says:

“We’ve always been proud to be a British manufacturer and how we make our clothing also makes a big difference. When many other fashion companies took their manufacturing overseas, or shut down completely, David Nieper remained steadfast. We still design and make our clothes here in Derbyshire using authentic dressmaking techniques, honed over decades, and have even begun to print and dye our own fabrics. That’s how we craft such exceptional quality clothing; as the saying goes, if you want something doing right, you ought to do it yourself.

What’s next?

Over the coming years, our focus is on sustainability. Not just in how we make our clothes but in how we secure a stable future for the UK fashion industry.

We’re always excited to work with young talent – whether it’s our local primary schools, or scholarships with our university partners, we offer children and young people opportunities at every level.

Working with ethical suppliers, reducing waste, water usage and our carbon footprint are all investments in a brighter future for the world we live in. We recently launched our own fabric printing and dyeing factory, right here in our home town, with the aim of further reducing our impact on the environment. We already know that manufacturing our garments in the UK results in 47% less emissions – by printing our own ethically sourced fabrics we are reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Last year, we were delighted to win the Queen’s Award for Sustainability, and we know there’s even more we can do to minimise our impact on the environment. Ultimately, we’ll never lose sight of creating quality clothing as sustainably as possible, while also welcoming lush new prints, textures, styles and fabrics we just know you’ll love.”

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