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County Brook for British Textile Week


Heritage runs deep at County Brook Mill. Textiles have been woven on this site for over 200 years with the Mitchell family, now in its fourth generation, weaving since 1907. The beautiful old mill belies the modern looms and machinery within, producing an extensive variety of textile fabrics including specialist high performance fabrics. A separate brushing and emerising plant, also owned by Mitchell Interflex gives the company the facility to produce luxurious finishes.

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We weave. And we design. With our traditional values, yet modern thinking and flexibility, we excel in pushing boundaries for our emerging new world.

Situated on the County Brook, dividing wool-rich Yorkshire and the cotton industry of Lancashire the mill combines the best of both worlds in fabrics for apparel, interior, accessories and specialist technical markets. Fabrics are developed in cotton, wool, linen and synthetic fibres mostly on a bespoke design basis, with the AW 21/22 Collections focusing on sustainable yarns and new interesting yarn combinations. Coating qualities in wools and cottons, from lightweight gabardines to chunky textured knit-looks, feature cotton backs with soft raised finishes. Dual purpose coloured canvases for apparel and accessories form the backbone of a new stock service.

Summer 2020

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and PPE shortage, Mitchell Interflex continues to work hard providing a cutting service for customers manufacturing scrubs and PPE. The CNC cutting machine has been put to good use to enable a rapid turnaround of fabric into cut pieces, ready to be sewn.

Meet the team

Alison Halsall, Designer at County Brook

Alison Halsall, Designer at County Brook says: “For me, every day working in textiles is a labour of love – creating beautiful fabrics which have a use in life and now with the added emphasis to be truly sustainable, the job is continually evolving. I enjoy working as part of the skilled team supported by the Mitchell family, who are fourth generation and have been weaving at County Brook since 1907.”





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