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Original UK menswear design and contemporary classics for 2022


UK menswear brands have created iconic styles that are synonymous with the most influential subcultures of our times, while others have established quintessential British style around the world. Now a new wave of creatives are setting new standards for contemporary classics, pushing the boundaries for responsible design and experimenting with form and functionality.

Iconic style

Ben Sherman was a legend in his own right. A man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things. He was a passionate businessman with an artist’s soul. The Ben Sherman shirt and brand have been adopted by almost every youth culture or style movement of the last five decades, from the mods, to 2 tone and ska, to brit pop and is today still worn by the current bands and style leaders of the current decade. The Ben Sherman shirt is an icon and there is simply nothing quite like an original Ben Sherman shirt.

Gloverall Pitti Uomo Jan 2022



Founded in 1951, Gloverall is the archetypal duffle coat brand with a reputation built on hand-crafted garments which stand the test of time. The brand’s uncompromising quality is renowned worldwide and its raw classic style has become an iconic handwriting. Gloverall’s new and exclusive Autumn/Winter 2022 collection reinforces the brand’s ethos of hard wearing functional wool garments, for everyday life and protection from the elements. The new, elegant street style capsule collection, pushes the boundaries of Gloverall’s design looking to the future of outerwear.

Officially born in Cleator, Cumbria in the U.K., Kangol gained notoriety as a brand for providing berets to the British army in WWII, most notably for General Bernard Montgomery. The anglo tradition continued in the post war years as Kangol outfitted the English Olympic Team with berets for the 1948 opening ceremonies. Today Kangol produces a wide range of headwear, that crosses generations and cultures. It’s not just hip hop and it’s not just heritage. Kangol is not just a fashion brand. Kangol is a cultural fashion fusion, taking the very best of British heritage and retro hip hop and mixing it with future fashion. Kangol seeks to satisfy a new generation of consumers without discarding, abandoning or alienating the people who put it where it is today.

Quintessentially British

Invertère has built up an internationally recognised reputation for quality and classic styling that is quintessentially British and timeless and is sought after by customers worldwide who appreciate these qualities. The range is made up of Gents Overcoats, Reversible Topcoats, Raincoats, Dufflecoats and Country Coats all made using traditional cutting and finishing techniques with much of the work done by hand to ensure consistent quality and durability.




Connolly, meanwhile, is a British classic clothing and leather goods brand, located in Mayfair. Originally founded in 1878, Connolly offers contemporary style inspired by a rich heritage of classic motor racing coupled with a strong sense of British know-how, understatement and European flair.

Responsible design




RÆBURN is a collaborative, creative fashion studio where daily design meets responsible production, alongside monthly events, discussions and workshops. Since it was established in 2009, the brand has been bringing responsible design to a global audience and presenting a new definition of luxury with integrity. The RÆMADE ethos in particular has pioneered the reworking of surplus fabrics and garments to create innovative and functional pieces.

Through a passion for nature and its everlasting presence, Legitimate Defiance has created a range of sneakers, boots, belts and accessories for individuals who dare to push boundaries by walking in the footsteps of their ancestors. The brand’s belief in using traditional techniques, natural tanning methods and centuries old knowhow spawns from a desire to challenge, provoke and stimulate the senses. With a complete condemnation of mass production, Legitimate Defiance only produces small batches in order to maintain the highest of standards. As a result, all items are completely hand made in England & Italy.

Contemporary classics

In 2017, the Acchiardi siblings, Giulia and Aldo, moved to London from Italy where they found the inspiration for their clothing collection Harris Wharf London, which was launched in 2010. With their family’s history of textile craftsmanship and innovation, the brand has steadily grown to become a contemporary classic. An emphasis on high quality fabrics and timeless cuts, never compromised but always accessible, makes Harris Wharf London a luxury brand in disguise.

N Palmer explores repurposing vintage fabrics through innovative textile techniques and contemporary design. Nicholas Palmer, a 2018 graduate of the Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion Programme, launched his eponymous brand in the summer of 2020. In his designs, he pays exceptional attention to an understanding of construction and to the history of the vintage pieces he uses within his garments. Palmer’s vision for creating stylish, fashion-forward menswear, together with his appreciation of the history of fashion and of the opportunities afforded by new construction technologies, is what deeply inspires him to design.

Pushing boundaries

Specific Object is an ongoing practice by Paul Lawrence – who after leaving Central Saint Martins worked in fine art fabrication, textile design, print, curation and design research. His previous works have led to a deep interest in the minutiae of the everyday and the overlooked, which combined with an experimental, process led approach to making serves as the starting point for works and projects.




RH45 tells stories and bring its collections to life through original prints, luxury fabrics and artistic embellishments. Every print used in the range is photographed by the in-house team and all embellishments are done by hand. These designs are then taken to Milan where each piece is beautifully crafted and exceptionally fitted. Influenced by urbanism and photography, the brand forges its own path through the creative mind of founder and creative director Josh Lanyon.

Object X is an up-and-coming brand that launched its label in London and Kyiv in 2017. The brand is creating technology-infused functional clothing that takes the opportunities of everyday life to another level. The designs are based on experiment and transformation. Its quality-oriented approach has an emphasis on technology and the performance of each detail. The aim is to give the wearer ability to be different. Blending experiment-based and uniform inspirations into a variety of close-to-body silhouettes, elevated with transformative options. Garments overflow with detail, offering a variety of adjustable features, capacious pockets and distinctive washes.




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