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Cluny Lace for British Textile Week


Cluny Lace is the last independent Leavers lace manufacturer in the UK, owned by the Mason family and managed by the ninth generation. Throughout the last 160 years Cluny Lace has continued to build up a data bank of thousands of lace patterns. By combining the best of old traditions with the newest technology , the firm is able to produce a wide range of exquisite and unique designs, concentrating on the Cluny and Valenciennes styles.

The Cluny lace range is unique across the world, based on 16th century Genoese patterns housed at the Museé de Cluny, whilst the Valenciennes range is a collection of the best patterns made by the Nottingham lace trade over the last century.

Cluny Lace Cluny Lace

JAN SI STUDIOS – New collection launch video set at Cluny Lace Mill.

The brand uses Cluny Lace across the designs.

Cluny Lace Cluny Lace Cluny Lace Cluny Lace


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