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British Textile Week 22: Laurent Garigue


The Garigue name has been synonymous with high fashion fabrics since 1947 when Laurent’s father started selling to Cristobal Balenciaga and Monsieur Dior in Paris. Their firms are still clients today.

Laurent Garigue is extremely proud of its British heritage and most of the firm’s cloth is woven, dyed and finished in Yorkshire and Scotland.

The company tries to present artistically beautiful collections that are not just born out of commercial blandness.

The collections, designed and created by Laurent, wife Aleksandra and daughter Tara are presented at international trade shows worldwide.

For SS23

This season Laurent Garigue is responding to post pandemic maximalism and a rise in appreciation of individuality over trends through exciting textures and colours.

Laurent Garigue: British Textile Week 22

In an age of information, the modern day client seeks to dress as sustainably as possible, leaning towards natural materials. Laurent Garigue strives to attain the highest quality fabrics when designing, using majority natural fibres and producing mostly in the UK, which keeps the firm’s carbon footprint small, because fashion should not come at a higher cost of environmental damage.

Laurent Garigue: British Textile Week 22

Modern consumers are beginning to turn their eyes away from fast-fashion, and opting for luxury pieces that will last them a lifetime. There is a refreshed interest in quality textiles and timeless wear is back on the rise, hence for SS23 Garigue have focused on making subtly extravagant summer tweeds, eclectic silk prints and linens.

For more information, get in touch by emailing info@laurentgarigue.com.