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British Interior Textiles

British Interior Textiles  – luxurious comfort and made with care

UK interior textile manufacturers are renowned worldwide for their high specification fabrics, adding comfort and elegance to the home as well as creating feel-good vibes in commercial settings such as hotel interiors, transportation applications, and even in the office…

Embracing the ethos that the handle and drape of a furnishing fabric is just as important as its visual appeal, British Mills are highly skilled at creating fabrics with intriguing texture and relief as well as exceptional drape.

Beautiful British textiles can be spotted in homes and venues around the globe, always adding that extra touch of glamour. Creating cosy upholstery qualities, elegant curtains and wall hangings,  water-repellent fabrics suitable for outdoor furniture, stunning accessories, even fabrics made from the waste fibre of pineapple leaves, the UK interior textile industry continues to innovate and impress!

British Textile Week 2021 is co-ordinated by UKFT and supported by The Clothworkers’ Company and the Campaign for Wool.

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