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British Millerain for British Textile Week


British Millerain is the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear and the world’s leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics.

BritishMillerain-VisualBoardBritish Millerain – visual board by UKFT

Based in Lancashire, the heart of the UK textile industry, the company’s range of textiles has been developed through more than a century of innovation, using skills handed down through six generations. A commitment to quality has allowed the firm to develop trusting and lasting partnerships with many of the industry’s leading brands and driven growth as a globally respected manufacturer of fabrics for outerwear.

British Millerain

Talking about their latest collection, Managing Director James Keeble comments: “This season our Tekwax® range has been expanded. Building on a century of success with traditional waxed cotton, Tekwax® fabrics are highly water-resistant dry wax fabrics, machine washable and durable.  This novel collection of fabrics for outerwear and accessories has been developed using six generations of expertise. Tekwax® is free from the controversial perfluorinated carbons (PFCs) and is applied to high-quality cotton base cloth, registered with the Better Cotton Initiative (bettercotton.org). The cotton is dyed and finished in-house using customised machinery to minimise energy, water and effluent.  The resulting textiles are very sustainable and full of character.”

“All the cotton we source is registered with the Better Cotton Initiative, a  large non-profit organisation focused on educating cotton farmers on more sustainable practices. In addition we have introduced recently a recycled cotton product and organic options to our range.  

Through heavy investment in recent years we have completely modernised our factory, greatly enhancing dyeing and finishing efficiencies, saving on water and energy use, and minimising or completely eliminating waste, wherever possible.  

Our products are built to last and with the correct care they will last a generation.”

British Millerain

Adam Getty British Millerain

Adam Getty, Sales Executive at British Millerain comments: “I thoroughly enjoy the challenges and nuances that come with textile manufacturing and my role at British Millerain – selling textiles to UK and overseas customers, no day is the same! One day I am in a small backstreet manufacturer in England, the next you are in the centre of Paris is the HQ of a global fashion house. It is always a very proud moment for me when I see the finished garment developed by globally renowned designers using our textiles.”

Further information regarding the British Millerain product line can be found here British Millerain product line PRG July 2020.

British Millerain has a new online shop launched this year, where all product information and live stocks can be found.



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