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British Menswear Brands: Gravalot


Afro-contemporary menswear label, Gravalot, releases small-run collections that focus on storytelling and supporting local economies, with each range being inspired by and made in the same region.


Founders Onye Anuna and Prince Comrie launched Gravalot in 2014, following a desire to learn the fashion and textile industry inside out, and an aim to unlearn its unhealthy habits of mass production.


While the London-based brand’s visuals and contemporary video productions tell stories to connect with its audience, the primary ethos of the company is to work with local craft, keep production runs small and to use as few natural resources as possible. Gravalot regularly runs pre-orders on upcoming collections to gauge popularity, before heading to production.


Don’t change, transform — Self-discovery. Purpose over consumption. No longevity in mediocrity. Dignity in labour. Good to nature. Break the constructs of habit. Learn & unlearn constantly. The greatest secrets are yet to be revealed. The greatest stories are yet to be told.

This brand makes some of its collections in the UK.

Visit their website at www.gravalot.com and follow on Instagram @gravalot