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Dan Smith, Jack Lambert & Mark Robson at Bowmer Bond | Young Textile Technician Fund


2022 was a significant year for the webbing manufacturer Bowmer Bond, as it became an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT) back in September. Its ownership was transferred to a Trust on behalf of its employees, making it an EOT company. Since 1795, Bowmer Bond has focused on offering long-term stability and security to its employees.

If on a day-to-day basis these changes are not noticeable to customers and suppliers, they do considerably benefit their employees. The Bowmer Bond team said:

“By forming an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT), the current owner and the Board of Directors believe that the company can best serve its customers, employees and all other stakeholders by retaining the values and culture which sit at the heart of the business. 

Further to this, the transition to an Employee-owned company will also serve the best interests of our customers and the wider markets supplied.  Through the employee-owned structure, we are bolstering our established foundations and providing a secure and stable platform for further innovation, growth and productivity.”

UKFT’s Young Textile Technician Fund

Site Manager Dan Smith, Shuttle Loom Team Leader Jack Lambert and PVC Department Team Leader Mark Robson benefited from UKFT’s Young Textile Technician Fund at Bowmer Bond. Created to allow businesses across the UK to train textile technicians, the fund covers part of the costs of in-depth textile training thanks to the support of The Worshipful Company of Weavers, The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers and The Worshipful Company of Drapers. Discover below the story of each of these young textile technicians, shared by the Bowmer Bond team.

dan smith

Dan Smith

Dan Smith (31) Site Manager & Young Textile Technician

“Dan felt that the main benefit for him was that the training he received would enable him to train the future workforce with understanding and confidence. He learnt why things are done in a certain way and the reasons behind the working processes. He greatly appreciated the experience and learning from others.”

Jack Lambert

Jack Lambert (28) Shuttle Loom Team Leader & Young Textile Technician

“Jack didn’t have a lot of experience or awareness of working on needle looms as he works on shuttle looms. He found the specific manual training from factory settings to be very useful, as when using on the job training, the information can become side tracked and diluted.

Jack thought that the training from Muller “was straight out of the horse’s mouth”. Jack was very pleased to have been given along with the other delegates a complete manual on Muller looms which is helpful both to him and the wider workforce. He was also given access to a digital copy from the Muller website where every loom produced by Muller is coded and the entire parts and specification can be accessed.

Jack commented that they were also shown other models and their applications showing a wider range of what each loom can produce. Jack thought that this knowledge would be useful to the company as Bowmer Bond works with its customers in the development of new products. Jack mentioned that manufacturing was in his blood as his family have always worked in mechanics, he also felt that working in industry is giving him a good career path.”


Mark Robson

Mark Robson (30) PVC Department Team Leader & Young Textile Technician

“Mark has worked in our pvc department for over ten years and has extensive experience but felt that the course had broadened his skill set further.  He now understands the theory and concepts better and the course for him “filled in the whys?”.  He thought that the training had shown him not how, but why.

He also learnt a lot of weaving theory and now considers himself to be a better asset to the company now that he has become a multi-skilled individual.  He further commented that normally working day to day you don’t get to see a loom in so many pieces and they completely stripped down a loom.

Mark also felt that a benefit of him doing the course was that he can now confidently train and can answer most questions that he is likely to be asked. He felt that his problem solving skills are improved. The course has given him improved confidence and competence. He said that the training was done in a fresh way.  He enjoyed the tour of the showrooms and seeing the development of the next generation of looms.”

The Young Textile Technician Fund is now open to businesses applying to train textile technicians under the age of 35. To find out more, email paula.mcilwraith@ukft.org

Want to learn more about the Young Textile Technician Fund? Click on the link below:

Young Textile Technician Fund