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UKFT Rise Ambassador - Belinda Yu


Launched in 2014 by England based sibling duo Belinda and James Yu, Wicker Wings is a tale of family tradition with contemporary fashion, blending the Chinese artisanal art of wicker weaving started by their grandmother.

After a family conversation, Belinda and James discovered that their Māma (grandmother) handmade wicker baskets for a living in China years before moving to England. The stories she told them gave Belinda and James the inspiration to create a brand that would showcase how modern wicker can be.

The team at Wicker Wings spends months designing and sourcing the finest and sustainable materials that go into creating their modern bags. Their goal is to create artistic fashion pieces that you wear day to evening and all year round.

Wicker Wings is an entirely sustainable British brand. Using ratton grown from a single seed and luxurious vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, each bag takes two days to create and is ethically made in England.

Belinda and James have had huge success with their brand Wicker wings and as well as selling direct to consumer, they have built wholesale clients both in the UK and internationally. They have also had fantastic press attention from magazines and influencers allowing their brand to become a recognised and desired fashion name.