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Untapped Potential

UKFT is undertaking a landmark research project to reveal the true value of the UK fashion and textile sector and to support the industry to establish and achieve its 10-year vision.

This is a turning point for the UK fashion and textile industry. We need up-to-date, accurate data to unlock opportunities for our sector. Information from our members and wider network is vital to building our economic models. We have now published the first of two surveys and we urge you to complete it to help us spearhead change for the industry – a change that will facilitate long-term, sustainable growth. The second survey will be published in the coming weeks.

Get involved


We are working with Oxford Economics to assess the economic contribution of the industry: for advocacy, to secure the talent pipeline of the future, to secure public and commercial funding and to ensure the right projects are supported at the right time.

Information from the industry is vital to building our economic models. We encourage organisations or individuals in the fashion and textiles industry, across the entire supply chain in both apparel and non-apparel markets, to respond.

We would be grateful if you could take a little time to complete the questionnaire. If you are unsure of any of your responses, please provide a best estimate wherever possible. Your responses will be treated in confidence and used for research purposes only. Any information you provide will only be seen by Oxford Economics, while UKFT will only see non-attributed data.

Why are we doing this?

The report will outline both the direct and indirect value of the industry and the growth potential of the sector if issues with skills development, investment and innovation are dealt with in an effective way.

The long-term decline of the UK textile industry has left the sector fragmented and dispersed, with precious few large players that are needed to create the healthy ecosystem that provides training, skills, innovation and technological advances needed for growth. Coordination and collective action is needed to deliver pan-industry growth.

UKFT’s experience of high-level government relations has underlined how problematic the lack of data for our industry has become, particularly over the last two years. Without this, it is extremely challenging to persuade the government to affect change.


Oxford Economics is undertaking core economic data analysis alongside primary research through surveys. Survey responses will be aggregated across companies and scaled up to estimate the economic impact of the fashion and textile industry in each region of the UK. Only that aggregated information will be presented in our report. Both organisations commit to not disseminating the information provided in any manner that could identify individual respondents/companies.

UKFT will be publishing a report on findings in the autumn of 2022.

Should you have any questions or need guidance on how to respond, please feel free to reach out to the Oxford Economics team: mshafat@oxfordeconomics.com and fbiagini@oxfordeconomics.com