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British Menswear Brands: Sounder


Sounder is the brainchild of Cathal McAteer and James Day.


Cathal founded the award-winning fashion brand Folk. As a proud Scot, an acclaimed creative director and a self-confessed golf nut, he has created a range for Sounder that is stylish, functional and hard-wearing – both on and off the course.

James founded Urban Golf, the UK’s first and best indoor golf venue. As a player, teacher, clubmaker and entrepreneur, he’s spent his entire career fighting for a version of the game that’s more accessible, more rewarding and more fun.


Sounder is the result of Cathal and James’ shared passion for the game. All Sounder products have been conceived, designed and tested on the course by the founders, and only the products that they believe in have made the cut.

Find out more at soundergolf.com and follow on Instagram